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Amelan Training

Amelan training at Pasha Clinic is intended for therapists on the training course which takes place at one of the clinic's three branches. It consist of a theory and practical which is given by the practice’s general practitioner and owner Dr Menevse Kargin.

 Therapists are firstly introduced to the product with a thorough explanation of ingredients and purpose of use with emphasis placed upon the effect on human anatomy and expected results of the treatment.

Trainees then observe as Dr Kargin treats a model, again clarifying each step of the procedure as she goes along. At this point a question and answer session takes places where trainees can take notes and have answered any questions they may have on the treatment and product.

During the treatment trainees take in turn to apply the Amelan mask on the model. Under close observation from Dr Kargin, trainees are guided in performing a substantial treatment which for the trainees will be vital knowledge and experience that will be used in certified employment. All trainees are educated in the importance of safety and hygiene while carrying out the treatment.

Amelan Training at Pasha Clinic MayfairOnce application of Amelan is completed, Dr Kargin illustrates how removal of the mask is to be conducted at home (which the patient has to do) followed by in-depth information on aftercare and follow-up home treatment. Products to be used after discussed by Dr Kargin, with their full benefits and usage explained. Any difficulties that may arise or cause concern are overviewed. Additional information that needs to be given to patients is also clarified to help make patients aware, well-informed and comfortable.

Once training is completed all succesful participating trainees are awarded a certificate and are qualified to perform Amelan treatment safely.


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